Go Move Challenge FAQ

What is the history of the Go Move Challenge?

In 2013, Santa Clara University and the University of San Francisco engaged in a friendly fitness competition to determine which university could accumulate the most minutes of movement in one month. The challenge has expanded over the years with faculty and staff from eight Jesuit universities accumulating over 3.5 million minutes of exercise collectively in February 2023.

How do the university participants track their minutes of exercise?

As the number of participants continues to grow, so has the need to improve and fine-tune the administration of the challenge. Previously, universities participated by tracking employees’ minutes manually or by paying for a short-term membership to Hubbub, an online wellness challenge platform. Now, participants can enter their minutes on this Go Move website!

Is there a cost for using the Go Move Challenge tracking website?

No! Universities with any number of participants can join the Go Move Challenge via this website.

When is the next challenge?

February 1, 2024 – February 29, 2024

Who can participate in the challenge?

All full-time and part-time faculty and staff from any of the 27 Jesuit Universities in the United States.

How do universities sign up for the challenge?

Your university’s wellness administrator or human resources coordinator should contact gousf@usfca.edu to request for your university to participate.

Once a university signs up, how do faculty and staff sign up for the challenge?

Participants must have a valid university email to create an account and will track their own minutes online. When logging minutes, participants will be prompted to indicate with which university they are affiliated.

How does the challenge work?

Participants track their intentional physical activity throughout the month. Physical activity is defined as intentional exercise that causes at least a small increase in breathing or heart rate.

  • Light– Casual movement where you may notice a slight increase in heart rate and breathing. Easy to talk and carry on a conversation. Examples include walking or wheeling less than 3 miles an hour.
  • Moderate – Purposeful movement which increases heart rate and breathing. Able to talk and have short conversations. Examples include walking or wheeling briskly (faster than 3 miles per hour), cycling less than 10 miles per hour.
  • Vigorous – High exertion of movement resulting in substantially higher heart rate and rapid breathing. Difficult to speak in full sentences.  Examples include running, cycling (faster than 10 miles per hour) and shoveling snow.

Can I track my minutes multiple times a day?

Participants can enter their physical activity minutes as many times as desired each day throughout the challenge. When entering minutes, participants are asked to indicate the activity level, description and duration.

Can I track my minutes on my mobile device?

Yes. The site is mobile device friendly.

Is there a limit to the daily number of minutes that each participant can accumulate?

No, there is no limitation to the daily number of minutes that each participant can accumulate.

What if I forget to track my minutes for a day or even a week?

You can log workouts for previous days by clicking on the “Log Workout” button.

What if I can’t remember if I logged my minutes?

Under the “workouts” area, you will can view your workout history to determine which days you have logged your minutes.

When and how is the winning university determined?

Once again, there will be awards for three different categories. The university with the highest total number of minutes and/or the university with the highest average number of minutes per participant as of 11:59 p.m. pst on February 29 will be the winner! We will also be giving shout outs to regional winners.

Is there support to help my university in promoting the challenge?

USF will provide templates for communication, tracking instructions, example activities, etc. to use as desired and will contact media for coverage and national sponsors for underwriting.

Is there a way to promote the activities and events that my university is offering during the challenge through the Go Move Challenge website?

Once a university commits to participating in the Go Move Challenge, their logo/icon will appear on the home page, which participants can click to view university-specific events and other information as determined by the challenge administrator.

Will other participants see my workouts?

The workouts that you log can be viewed only by you and your university’s challenge administrator unless you choose to share your workouts on the  Facebook page, instagram or elsewhere.

Are there Terms and Conditions of the Challenge?


By participating in this challenge, you agree to the following:

  • I agree to log my minutes honestly, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and have fun!
  • I certify that I am a faculty, staff, or board member of a Jesuit university or college.
  • I certify that I am in good physical condition and am able to safely participate in the Go Move Challenge. I understand that my involvement in this Challenge as a faculty or staff member of my university shall be construed as a strictly personal, voluntary activity and not part of my faculty or staff member responsibilities or job duties as an employee, agent, or volunteer of the university.

Is it possible to synch an activity tracker with the Go Move Challenge site?

No. Since there are so many activity trackers and not all participants have them, an inclusive site was created where minutes are manually entered. The current platform may not be sophisticated but keeps cost to a minimum so that our other Jesuit Institutions can participate.