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Elly Cabral

I’m 43 years old and fitness changed my life.

As a child, I was raised in Bowling Green Kentucky. I was the only Asian kid in school. I got spit on, pushed, shoved, punched walking down the halls and just bullied my whole childhood life. I was 95lbs in High school so you can see how I was an easy target. When I turned 32 years old, I looked in the mirror and still didn’t like what I saw. I decided right then and there I was going to get bigger. At age 32 I was 135lbs. I realized since I was an employee I could utilize the gym for free. I walked in and was immediately intimidated by all the young adults and how in shape they were. I almost quit the first week until one of my co-workers, Tom Randazzo looked me in the eye and said I need more confidence and that I’m doing this for me and not those students in the gym. Told me it would not happen over night and it would take a couple of years. Put some head phones in my ears and look at the ground and don’t think about the people around me.   It was a difficult journey but now at the age 43 I’m 180lbs and my max bench is 300lbs. My bench when I started was 65lbs. Now in this process I have helped a co-worker lose 95lbs, helped a very insecure student that was on suicide watch gain his confidence and graduate. Fitness has given me the confidence to be able to look people in the eye and know that I can push my self to accomplish my goals.

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